Sounds of Boats on a Windy Beach

boats on the beach








Like huge wind chimes, the rigging on these boats rings and jangles in the slightest breeze. Today was blustery, almost wild for the time of year. So much so that, seconds after this recording, the section of fencing where I had been standing blew over with a crash that stopped everything momentarily – except the chimes.

brighton beach

See the ‘city’ on the horizon?

beach and sea

colours, colours, colours

brighton beach west pier

Bright, undecided sky, and the West pier, still clinging to life.

Paper Crane – an illustrated tweet story

Edinburgh Book Festival will begin soon. The last few years, they’ve run a ‘story-in-a-tweet’ challenge, sending out a prompt early each morning with tweets to be posted before midnight the same day. ‘Paper’ came up in 2015; this is my illustrated version.