Life lessons from internet memes

Play fair

patty-cake cats








Don’t get distracted by trivia

fuck this cat











Try to understand how the world works









 Pattycake cats Animated gif Lovely science penguin




Puddles Like Pillows – Lascaux Finalist

Finalist in the 2013 Lascaux Short Story competition. Puddles like Pillows’, is a little piece of speculative fiction in which gravity suddenly reverses its influence. Published byZouch Magazine, August 28th, 2013, it is still on the Editors Choice list today.

After a while, with the streets and parks getting less cluttered, it started to look as if some cosmic recycler had dropped by to tidy us up. So then people stopped using the bins and just hung about with their cameras waiting for their banana skin or whatever to take off.

Just a little bit pleased.

The Spider and the Wire Wool Madness: what’s that all about then?

There are at least two stories on any one page: the one the reader generates in the reading of it and the one in the writer generates  in the writing. This is the writer’s version.

Hive insects have queens whose only function is to produce the next generation. Humans have formalised this process for many animals in zoos, on farms, and in our own homes, and so we have brood mares, stud cats – or dogs or goats or horses or bulls – and ‘breeding stock’ of all kinds. We also breed our royalty so that both our kings and our queens have a duty to provide ‘an heir and a spare’, and at the other end of the scale, there is an underworld that breeds children of the right ethnicity for adoption into families willing to pay and not ask. ‘Spider’ is the story of a victim of entrapment for breeding and their fantasies about escape.