Brace yourself, it’s a poem

Cool grey

Shady Lady


Ethereal prose of shining


Jewels, where

Artistry goes pining for


Expression in

Sadistic blows.


Oh, acrostic! That’s not the same as sarcastic then?

Ether poetry challenge October 19th.

‘Red is for Go’

Red is for Go’,  is on E. Victoria Flynn’s Roadside Attractions today.

‘Which one of us died?’  ‘He did. Back then.’  ‘And now?’ She looked up at the ceiling, at the bright carriage lights that cast unforgiving shadows under the sleep deprived eyes of its hot-desking passengers … ‘  Time travel? Ghost story? A dream? You decide. Definitely a love story though.

‘The Wild Rose and the China Doll’

‘On a frozen beach, brown waves thundering under a gritty pier and a grittier sky, God got his own back and I burst, sparkling, into life’. Full of Crow has beautiful graphics, and now it has ‘The Wild Rose and the China Doll’; I am so pleased.

Wimmin: Know Your Place!

If you’ve been anywhere near a blog or twitter recently, you can hardly have missed the campaign to remove finally, the sexualised images of women that The Sun regards as a ‘British institution’. Have a read, then sign the petition.

Wimmin: Know Your Place!.