Countdown to a flash

moonWell, at just over 300 words, it’s more of a flicker really. Every Day Fiction has seen fit to publish ‘Moonrise’ and will unleash it on the public on January 17th so better brace yourselves for a bit of pestering! The friend whose (mis)adventure triggered the FICTIONAL tale, approved it for publication but quite possibly did so on the assumption that there was as much chance of this as there was of the Lib Dems and the Conservatives forming a coalition government. Oh dear. Did I mention that it’s FICTIONAL? In a publication with FICTION in the title? That’s alright then.

How to write a novel – A little goes a long way (via Sinister Echoes)

More on writing and its trials. The Indie wave is gathering strength.

How to write a novel - A little goes a long way This great post by Linda Cassidy Lewis struck a chord with me because  I've been pondering the life of a writer and how it is harder than I ever imagined. I am not exaggerating when I say that writing is the hardest thing I've  tried. It is also, one of the loneliest jobs one could ever imagine. T … Read More

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Live together, die alone! (via Out of My Mind)

Best oxymoron going – Indies unite!

Live together, die alone! If you were a LOST fan, you recognize the title of today’s post as the motto for survival on that mysterious island. As a writer, it often seems I exist on an island too. Looking back on this past year of blogging, I saw that I had written three posts about the need for writers to support each other. A Tapestry of Writers Support your fellow writers! The REAL reason writers need to blog Although members of my family offer support for my writing i … Read More

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