Shameless self “Promotion”

Two really exciting things just happened and, right now, I really don’t know which has got me gibbering most. One is an extraordinary convergence in the technologies that will underpin our next research bid (and look out world, if we’re successful, because this will change the way we get information from hospitals and doctors for ever). The other is my first fiction publication outside of the recent NOT competition and it feels like my kid came home from their first day at school with an A* in higher maths! So which to choose? Well, in fairness, there’s no showing off to be had with the research yet as it’s at the ideas stage and will have to be costed til it squeaks to get a sniff at any funding. So that leaves the blatant, unashamed, trumpeting of my lovely (in its mother’s eye) flash piece with its not-so-lovely MC. Find ‘Promotion’ here at the very lovely Powfastfiction.

I thank you (bows dramatically and sweeps off stage leaving wafting evidence of ego-glitter and, in this instance, alien entrails)


SF might just have become too dangerous to write

solar system paths

Image by zen via Flickr

Not content with using a pre-discovered planet for a story, I’m a bit bothered I might have stumbled over another cosmic event. I have a story out to a publisher (or on its way back with a note on its collar) about the threads of the universe unravelling and now this

Knot in the ribbon at the edge of the solar system ‘unties’

I’m wondering if I should develop a taste for historical tales before I accidentally destroy life as we know it..wide eyes