‘When Gliese Met Glasgow – and Muira made a mint’

If you had to choose Earth’s representative for First Contact with aliens, it probably wouldn’t be a 3’6″ Black Glaswegian with no diplomatic experience, would it? When Gliese* Met Glasgow (and Muira made a mint)’  reached the Finals of Pen2Paper, a competition run by the Coalition of Texans with Disabilities; goodness knows how! They’re all here, free to read: http://www.txdisabilities.org/pen-2-paper

* Gliese exists. It was the first star system found to have at least one potentially habitable planet in its orbit.

Fiction where main character has Down Syndrome

I wonder if the person who arrived here by entering this search term found what they were looking for. Maybe it was ‘If It Ain’t Broke …‘: Robert is a man with Down’s who has to make a choice when he’s offered a chance to go back in time and change his DNA, and he’s here on Ether for download to iPhone or Android devices, or here for on-screen reading. I’ve known a lot of Roberts over the years and I think many of them would recognise the dialogue. For quite a few, the framework for any conversation was a superhero or Dr Who but always with a wry twinkle!


Escape Pod flash competition

Escape Pod (podcast)


The third EscapePod flash fiction competition opens to voting on September 20th. There are ninety-six SF stories (two of them mine, and no I can’t tell you!) all 750 words or under, competing in ten preliminary rounds. The first three of each go to the semi finals, and the top two from each of these, to the final.  Join EP forums (free) to vote, then stick around for some quality podcasts – three of which you might have chosen yourself! http://escapepod.org/ Obviously, it helps if you like science fiction so if you don’t, while the rest of us put our critic hats on, you get to do maths homework instead. Fair deal?