Still from Sci-Fi short film

Ah, there you are, glad you dropped by! I’m an ex-artist/designer, ex-nurse, and past clinical psychologist working on yet another career. Who knows, I might find I’m good at this writing malarkey but, ultimately, you will be the judge.  I’m putting some serious wellie into fiction.  A couple of Open University courses helped, and an MA from Lancaster university completed in October 2014 will, hopefully, give me a shove towards a more professional looking product. Then there’s Critique Circle (a free, online writing community), the EscapePod forums (a sci-fi obsessed style supermarket and complete hoot), EDF, and Clarkesworld which give me a perspective on the range of reader preference and interpretation. I’ve written a lot in this last year or so, some of it passable, some of it ungodly detritus, and the odd piece that might, just might, be a glimpse of something promising. More pieces are getting published (thank you, wonderful publishers, oh yes!) although actual pay is still a long way off. You can find links to these on the cryptically titled Where’s my (published) stuff?‘ and ‘Mobile Downloadspages.

I’d love it if you would stay for the ride, give me some feedback on the bits and bobs I throw up here as exemplars of where I’m at, join in the odd bit of debate from time to time. Invite me round maybe and I’ll come and bother your blog too!

Author interview by Ether Books September 2012.

5 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. Above photograph is the reason I don’t have a typewriter, looks painful…but I digress ;-)

    You have an award to pick up, get your tiara and sparkly shoes…

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